Tell Procter & Gamble: Switch to forest-free products to help save the boreal forest

P&G CEO John Moeller,

The North American boreal is our planet's largest intact forest. Logging is steadily flushing these trees down the toilet. Destroying this bountiful forest is a disaster. P&G should move away from virgin wood fibers and incorporate more recycled and forest-free fibers in its home paper products, including Charmin toilet paper, Puffs tissues and Bounty paper towels.

Customers would "enjoy the go" even more if your toilet paper didn't come at the expense of our forests. P&G's Charmin Ultra Eco bamboo toilet paper is a step in the right direction and we hope it is available online again soon. P&G should make a stronger commitment to switch to forest-free tissue products. We, the undersigned, urge P&G to commit to protect the boreal and reduce the amount of virgin wood fibers in your tissue products by 50% or more by 2025.