Tell your Senator to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline

This week, the Senate is poised to vote to force President Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline… It's not the only thing we need to do to stop global warming. But it matters, and we have a choice.

Tell your Senator to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.

Subject: Oppose the Keystone XL pipeline
I urge you to vote against any attempt to force construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. If built, Keystone would speed the development of the dirtiest fuel on the planet and make climate change worse.

Big Oil says it won't help them develop tar sands faster. But they're pulling out all the stops to get the pipeline built, and common sense tells us that building a massive pipeline to transport crude across America -- that pipeline will get built.

You have a choice between the special interest oil companies and a safer climate for our children's future. Please choose to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.