250,000 Solar Roofs for Oregon

ORE_S13_P3.jpgWe can power a quarter of a million buildings with pollution-free solar energy that never runs out, only gets cheaper over time, and keeps jobs here in Oregon.

Ask the governor to pledge to put Oregon on a path to 250,000 solar roofs by 2025.

Subject: Solar Works for Oregon
Oregon could produce 30 times the amount of solar energy it does today by 2025, preventing 3.8 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution. That's the equivalent of 250,000 solar rooftops.

Thousands of Oregonians are already working at solar companies and our state houses the nation's largest solar panel manufacturing plant--but we're falling behind states like New Jersey, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

With the right policies in place, Oregon can help power a quarter of a million homes with pollution-free energy that never runs out and only gets cheaper over time, while creating jobs in our state. I want to see 250,000 solar roofs by 2025 and I urge you to make this goal a priority of your administration.