Tell your legislators to support our 2016 priority bills

The Oregon State Legislature is convening for five short weeks in 2016 - we have four legislative priorities for Oregon's environment that we need them to support.

· House Bill 4036 - Repowering the state with clean, renewable energy

Right now, Oregon’s two largest utility companies, PGE and Pacific Power, are on track to be 25% renewable by 2025, thanks to the Renewable Portfolio Standard we helped win in 2007. The "Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan" would double that commitment to clean energy by 2040 and phase coal completely out of our electricity mix.

· Senate Bill 1572 - Creating a community solar program

Community solar projects will help the nearly 3 out of 4 Oregonians who lack the ability to install solar panels on their own roof. The program will allow individuals and businesses to purchase solar panels located in a solar array elsewhere in the state and get the same energy savings on their utility bill as if the panels were installed at home. Last year we passed a bill that introduced the concept of community solar to Oregon – we’re coming back this year to finish what we started and make community solar the law of the land.

· Senate Bill 1574 - Capping greenhouse gas emissions

The “Healthy Climate Bill” will set a cap on global warming pollution in Oregon and make polluters pay for their emissions. Revenue from the program will be invested into projects that help create clean energy jobs and benefit communities most affected by our changing climate.

· House Bill 4037 - Incentivizing large-scale solar projects

This bill creates a 5-year incentive for the production of electricity from large-scale solar arrays, many located in the sunniest parts of the state. Promoting these projects will help Oregon repower with clean electricity as we phase out the dirty fossil fuel plants of the past.

Subject: Support HB 4036, HB 4037, SB 1572, and SB 1574